What is radiological protection? Where to find one in Spain?

It is very common that in health sector facilities especially in diagnostic ones, radiations are released which may have some serious effect on people. In that case, radiological protection is something that is used in order to protect people from the effect of such radiation. If in case, good radiological protection is not provided to anyone, then there are certain risks that a person can face when he is exposed to radiation such as ionising radiation. This person can get external and internal exposure as well. Getting exposure to radiation is not always safe because in the long term it can cause a major effect. Well if you are looking for protección radiológica in Spain, which means radiological protection, then UTPR is one of the platforms that you can refer to. The advantage of using this particular platform for getting the perfect equipment for radiological protection is that they have been in the market for quite some time and there are many people who trust their services and they’re completely reliable. In addition to it they follow all the rules and regulations which are currently required in the healthcare sector of pain so that everything is done under legal aspects.

Radiological protection services of UTPR

Speaking of the services of UTPR, especially the radiation protection one, there are four things that they will do in order to install perfect radiological protection for your usage. These four things are:

  • They will advise and prepare all the documentation which is required for registration of all the x-ray facilities including radiological protection as well. They follow all the current rules and regulations and accumulate all the documents required in order to get the authorization.
  • They also give good advice on radiological protection methods. They have also prepared a protection programme for radiation which is termed a radiological protection programm. This programme is somewhat mandatory as of now because it includes all the operations and standards that are needed and are also approved by the health protection regulation.
  • they also perform quality control annually and perform surveillance of all the levels of radiation that are emitted by the x-ray equipment installed at their clients’ clinics. The main objective of this annual review is to make sure that the equipment is in good shape.
  • As per the rules and regulations followed in Spain, it is important and mandatory to conduct a quality assurance programme in which all the criteria of quality is established.